Saturday, April 08, 2006


Lessoon Shiaght / Lesson Seven

T'eh ceau fliaghey
T'eh = It's (Ta = Is, eh = it/he, Ta + eh = T'eh)
ceau = casting
fliaghey = rain

Ta ram fliaghey er ve jeant jiu
Ta = Is
ram = a lot of
fliaghey = rain
er ve = after being
jeant = made / done
jiu = today

She laa feayr t'ayn
She = It is
laa = day
feayr = cold
t'ayn = is in
As you can see, both two ways of saying 'it's' in Manx are used in this lesson. She is used mostly with nouns (eg laa feayr) and T'eh mostly with verbs (eg ceau fliaghey).

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