Thursday, February 23, 2006


Lessoon Jees / Lesson 2

Just as in English we shorten phrases in Manx.
ta + oo = t'ou
ta + eh = t'eh
ta + ee = t'ee

kys is a shortened version of kanys.
Have a go:
Try saying 'I'm happy', 'he's tired', 'she's fine', 'I'm tired', 'she's happy' and 'he's fine'.
Kys ta Shorus?
kys = how
ta = is
Shorus = George

T'ee skee
t'ee = she's
skee = tired
T'eh gennal
t'eh = he's
gennal = happy /cheerful

Kys t'ou?
kys = how
t'ou = are you?

Ta mee braew gura mie ayd
ta = am / is / are
mee = me / I
braew = fine
gura mie ayd = thank you


Lessoon Nane / Lesson 1

Oie is a feminine noun, so the word for 'good', mie, changes to vie after it.
Fastyr mie can be used as a greeting anytime from noon onwards.
Moghrey is pronounced as 'morra' in the phrase moghrey mie. People unfamiliar with Manx sometimes think this word comes from the English 'morrow'. Actually it comes from moghey the Manx for 'early'.
Oie vie
Oie = Night
vie = good

Moghrey mie
moghrey = morning
mie = good

Fastyr mie

Fastyr = 'afternoon' / 'evening'
mie = 'good'


Welcome / Failt Erriu

This blog is for learners of Manx Gaelic. There will be at least one new lesson per week. The lessons will begin with the very basics, so don't worry if you have never studied Manx before.

These lessons are free. If you wish to contribute to the Manx Language in some way please contact Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh via the website

Click on the phrase to hear how it sounds. Soundfile links are being added quite frequently, if the one you want isn't there yet please be patient. Unfortunately you will need quite a fast connection for accessing the files. The sound files direct you away from the lesson page, so you will need to open it again in another window. Even with a broadband connection they will take up to one minute to get going. For people having difficulty with the sound files CDs will be made available.

There will be some exercises in the course that you can post to me for posting on the site, or you could post them yourself and just send me the link. The purpose of these exercises is to create an online Manx learners community. Enjoy the lessons and please pass on any suggestions for improving the site.

Manx is quite an easy language to learn, easier in many ways than its sister languages Irish and Gaidhlig. The spelling system is quite easy, but beware of y which usually sounds like 'uh' or the 'e' in 'the', ey at the end of words which usually sounds like 'ya' or 'a', and watch out for double letters which are a bit unpredictable. Correct pronunciation, correct grammar and correct word choice are difficult in most languages, even for native speakers, so don't expect to speak perfectly all the time -

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