Friday, February 24, 2006


Lessoon Tree / Lesson 3

oo hene = yourself
mee hene = myself
eh hene = himself
ee hene = herself
gaccan is often written as g'accan because the g at the beginning of the word signifies the person is 'at their' grumbling right now.
The çh sound in çhing is soft, similar to the 'ch' in cherry. Some writers prefer to write it ch. These lessons will always use the çh form.

T'ee çhing

çhing = sick

T'eh mie dy liooar
mie = good
dy liooar = enough / plenty

Ta mee goll as gaccan
goll = going
as = and
gaccan = grumbling

Kys t'ou hene?

kys = how

t'ou = you're

hene = self

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