Saturday, February 25, 2006


Lessoon Shey / Lesson 6

ayd = 'at you' when you are speaking to one person, eu = 'at you' when speaking to more than one person. Oo is the regular form of you, shiu is the plural and polite form. Manx is less formal than most languages and the oo form is favoured in most situations, eer rish yn Aspick - 'even to the Bishop'.
oo + ec = ayd = 'at you'
shiu + ec = eu = 'at you' (plural)
my has a few different meanings, in this lesson it means 'my' in gow my leshtal and 'if' in my sailt. There are very few cases of words having more than one meaning in Manx, but this is one of them.
She dty vea, 'it's your life' is the Manx way of saying 'you're welcome'.
The words for 'my', 'your' and 'his' can change the following word, but the word for 'her' can't.
my = 'my'.
dty = 'your'
e = his
e = her
bea = 'life'
so we get;
my vea = my life
dty vea = your life
e vea = his life
e bea = her life
Gura mie eu / Gura mie ayd
gura mie eu = thank you (plural)
gura mie ayd = thank you
She dty vea
she = it's
dty = your
vea = life

My sailt
my = if
sailt = you please
Gow my leshtal
gow = take
my = my
leshtal = excuse

Mie er baghtal! S'mie lhiam ny jallooyn.

Un red beg: share gra "ayd = ec + oo" as "eu = ec + shiu".

Cre mysh cooney lesh y fockley-magh?

As seose lesh ny bloggyn.
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