Friday, February 24, 2006


Lessoon Queig / Lesson 5

Most aspects of our behaviour and character are subject to change, I may be happy now, but who knows about tomorrow. Gaelic languages use ta for 'is' / 'are' / 'am' for all these temporary conditions, and before actions (ta mee goll - I am going). For conditions that don't change the 'she' form is used because we are defining the noun. We say she ben vie ish, = 'is woman good she ' = 'she's a good woman' when we are saying what she is, but to say how she is we would use the ta form -t'ee mie - 'she's good'. These are not hard and fast rules, don't panic, Manx is a very flexible language.
She kayt Manninagh mish
she = it's
kayt Manninagh = (a) Manx cat
mish = me / I

Nee uss Americaanagh?
nee = is it?
uss = you
Americaanagh = (an) American

Cha nee Americaanagh eshyn
cha nee = isn't
Americaanagh = (an) American
eshyn = he / him

She ben Sostnagh ish
she = it's
ben Sostnagh = an English woman
ish = she

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