Friday, February 24, 2006


Lessoon Kiare / Lesson 4

cre (what) + yn (the) = cre'n
er = on
er Britney = on Britney
er + mee = orrym = on me
er + oo = ort = on you
er + ee = urree = on her
er + eh = er = on him
These combinations are great aren't they? In English it is considered slangy to contract 'on her' to 'onna', in Manx the opposite is true er ee; bad, urree; good.
Say these to yourself a few times and you'll find they roll off the tongue.
Most words here are said as an English speaker would read them. The y sound in orrym and ennym is hardly pronounced in either word, and is closer to the modern English 'u' than it is to 'y'. Say 'anonymous', now drop the 'an' and 'ous' parts and change the 'o' sound to an 'e' (as in 'bed') and you've got it.
Ta'n ennym er SpongeBob
Ta'n = is the
ennym = name
er = on him

Ta'n ennym urree Britney
ta'n = is the
ennym = name
urree = on her

Ta'n ennym orrym Elvis
ta'n = is the
ennym = name
orrym = on me

Cre'n ennym t'ort?
cre'n = what's the
ennym = name
t'ort = is on you

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